The miracle of Twin Soul Love!

Kristien De Winter - Friday, October 02, 2015

As you might have guessed my first article is about Twin Souls.

I am fortunate to share my life with my Twin Soul and have written two novels in Dutch about this experience. Allow me to introduce you …

The quest to find the other half of the soul is as old as humanity. From Plato, the Greek philosopher of the old times to Ken Wilber, the American philosopher of the recent times: they all have written about it. We can find it in religions such as Hinduïsm, the story of Shiva and Paravati and in Sufism in the books of the mystic Inayat Khan.

We are all in pursuit of happiness, we all want to find that one person who really is the missing piece in the mystery of our life. And yes, this person exits!

Can we send a message in a bottle into the icloud to find her or him?

Maybe you should ask Milady A on how she did that? Milady A and her Mr Big have wonderful insights about their unique encounter to share with you!

You and your twin soul are one from the beginning of existence, you have One Source.

To experience the adventure of the soul, which is in fact the adventure of Love, You, as a unity, decided to dive into evolution as two sides of one dynamic: yin and yang, female and male.

The big leap into consciousness or the big quest to find the dynamic, which is Love in Manifestation.

So as the female and male part of a unity you have different experiences, some call it different lives, to experience what love is all about. You are involved in various relationships. Some relationships are nurturing, some are rather disturbing.
You encounter sexual attraction, emotional dependency, loneliness. Sometimes you meet soulmates, those meetings are inspiring, but somehow there is an emptiness that doesn’t get filled. The sex was great in the beginning, but got boring after a while. The feeling of being wanted is great, but can result in some kind of power play ... Sometimes we are aware about what is lacking, sometimes we are grateful for what we have and do not dare to ask for more. We all know it some way or another.

The disappointments we feel, can point out a direction. We need to find the source of Love within ourselves. We have to embrace ourselves, and think ourselves worthy of being loved. It is also extremely interesting, you will discover later on why, to know the way of energy within your body. You learn to center your energy, to empower yourself and by this empowering your own source of love energy begins to flow freely!

Your other half has made his or her evolution as well, has had his of her disappointments as well.

And by this beautiful, magical dynamic within the universe these two people, who are in connection with their own love power, start to attract each other.

The universe pulls ... because when these two parts of the unity come together, an explosion of love energy occurs! it is quite a violent explosion, because when twin souls meet again, they do not only feel that they are truly coming home, but they also encounter their true potential, which is more than the two parts of each individual.

Can you imagine this?

Their hearts beat as one, so all disharmony has to be cleared, everything that inhibits them to live their potential of Love.

Do you recognize this?

There is not one relationship more exciting, more inspiring, more intense, more loving than this kind of relationship, while some say it is a tiring, confronting one ... Maybe they just didn’t meet their twin soul yet!

For the soul is love, love unifies, love speaks the truth and truth can sometimes be hard, but has no goal in hurting the other. Of course twin souls do quarrel sometimes, be sure of that, but the longer they spend time together, the more they feel it makes no sense to quarrel. First they have to lay down their previous lives; the dynamic of attracting and repulsing - which has become a habit - to be able to let the energy of Love flow abundantly ... There is so much more to tell about Twin Souls, I gladly introduce you to my magnet theory ... all about energetic magnetism, in a later article.


PS from Milady A: Read my inspirational blog about Kristien’s two books about Twin Souls on: "Discover two wonderful books about Twin Soul Love."


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