Staying at a place where I would have loved to meet the designer!

Milady A - Thursday, June 16, 2016

Following up on my last post writing about our stay at the Wharekauhau Estate, we got the opportunity to visit the “Chateau Wellington” which is a huge country house on the farm for larger groups or families.
This is the place where Kate & William stayed when they visited Wharekauhau and we thought right away: ‘This is the perfect spot to take another fashion shoot!’

I was wearing a casual, yet stylish, outfit matching the activity of the day: strolling through classy farm houses, enjoying delicious food at the lodge and do some reading and writing in the midst of stunning nature.
Life couldn’t get better, I know.

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I was wearing a silk Lio-Jo trousers, which falls widely on the legs giving it a very comfy feeling. I matched the outfit with a black/see-through shirt of Wolford, which offers besides classy tights also an exclusive collection of bodysuits or accessories, all made for the elegant woman who wants to feel comfortable at the same time.

After 3 most enjoyable days at the Farm Lodge, we drove further North and were amazed by our next lodge as of our arrival.

The Farm at Cape Kidnappers is the perfect setting for romantic getaways in style and was truly one of our Top 3 favorite places on our New Zealand trip. The Farm is set atop 6,000 rolling acres of stunning pasture-land in Hawke’s Bay, and offers a spectacular 180-degree view of the Pacific Ocean.

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As of the moment we stepped out of our car, Lisa warmly welcomed us in style. She was genuinely focused on making our stay a memorable one, and I must say, it surely was.

The interior of the reception area was sensational. I could live there and wouldn’t change a thing. The design is very elegant and made of an extremely good taste. I would have loved to meet the designer!
If you’d ask me to describe the interior, I would say the whole place vibrates the Ralph Lauren style with a touch of Pottery Barn Luxury.

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Dinner was a culinary highlight and we looked forward to new dishes and new tastes every evening. The menu changed daily and consisted of a remarkable client-oriented method to please clients about their personal food choices without bothering them every night again.

Here is what I mean: When we arrived Lisa asked us whether we have any dietary requirements, allergies or things we don’t like eating. I always give my list of things I don’t like at all, such as foie gras, goat cheese, blue cheese and oysters. Only at dinner, our surprise was big when each of us received the menu of the day. My love told the waiter he would go for the goat cheese salad while I was searching that dish on my menu but could not find it; not that I would eat it, but still, it was just not to be found on my menu!
And you know why?
Because every day again, the menus are printed accordingly to the wishes of each client individually and therefore Milady A got a menu with a salad ‘without’ the goat cheese on it.
Isn’t that the most amazing service a restaurant can offer !?

During our stay, we did not go off the property at all, there were enough fun things to do. The Farm at Cape Kidnappers has the most amazing golf course I have ever seen and although I don’t play golf, we asked if we could take a ride over the fields with a golf cart. The views were breathtaking and my hubby felt the vibration again to playing golf, but only if he could do it with me as playing golf is quite an intense sport where you need to practice a lot. I don’t think that playing golf would fit into our current life though, knowing all the exciting plans we have for our future …

We took a Can-Am Tour across the property, showing us the jaw-dropping nature all over the enormous estate that stretches along the Hawke’s Bay coastline. Much of the property is inaccessible to regular four-wheel drive vehicles but a wonderful guide took us to the furthermost reaches of the property on the Can-Am.

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The coolest experience however was our search for New Zealands treasured native bird, the Kiwi, under the guidance of Sue, a wonderful lady who is clearly passionate about fauna and flora. The Kiwi is a semi-nocturnal secretive bird and few New Zealanders have seen their national bird in the wild – can you believe that?! – however I told my love: ‘I am not going home before I’ve seen a Kiwi myself!’
So, this exclusive experience, offered at The Farm at Cape Kidnappers was our opportunity to see them.

Sue took us to a particular site where we walked for up to an hour to locate the Kiwi’s habitat and she explained me how I should check the Kiwi’s transmitter to find one of the birds. I had to follow the beeping sound and the stronger the beep, the closer the Kiwi. What a wonderful experience to find a bird in the middle of the woods, hidden under leaves, and have the opportunity to hold the Kiwi for a few seconds while he was still half asleep.

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A unique experience which I recommend to everyone staying at this extraordinary place!

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