A well? What well? How well?

Milady A - Monday, September 07, 2015

Well ... the Well of Inspiration! ;-)

You might have visited my Well of Inspiration since our second season launched last week, and discovered our abundant pool of wisdom ... however in case you haven't discovered it yet ... in case you did not take that opportunity yet ...


I hereby declare WAR!

Just kidding ... just kidding ... however ...
whatever we say, always has some kind of truth in it, hasn't it?

Whatever words we select, even if we say them with a smile, will always manifest a deeper, hidden message underneath. And as a matter of fact, my choice of the words to declare war comes from a huge inner desire to help humanity to see things differently, an overwhelming urge to help people finding their true self and true happiness.
I kind of drive nuts when I encounter people who don't want to learn, who prefer to stay ignorant to the, sometimes alarming, signs around them, who firmly believe they cannot change anything to make their lives better or happier.

Everything in your life CAN BE changed! Really EVERYTHING!

It only takes a strong will to change!

Where there is a will, there is a way!

Now you understand why I talk about war, and feel somehow relieved that my words are only based on a very strong will to inspire YOU to open YOUR mind and find YOUR true purpose and happiness in life.

Because THAT is my one and only intention!

I am not just posting some quotes like many others do, which mostly are read in a flash of a second and are forgotten before you know it. If this would be my intention, I could as well make my life much easier and just share a link to thousands of Quote-Boards on Pinterest.

My ambition though reaches much higher as it is my intention to TRULY HELP YOU GROW.

If you truly consider a quote and truly reflect on it and truly envisage what these words could mean to you and truly take action upon what you promised yourself ... then, and only then, you will truly see a remarkable change happen in your life.

A shift of mindset opens that rusted door to a miraculous sea of possibilities you never ever imagined before.

Quotes are not just words!

My own transformational journey, with ups and downs, revealed this welcome aha moment along the way.

I spent a lot of time reflecting on quotes I read and designed action plans in my head on what I could do myself to try out a specific principle or idea.
I have always been a person who wants to test the unexplored roads and have always been a person who is very open to new things, new ideas and dig into the mystery of what's unknown.

Why wouldn't I after all?

Why wouldn't YOU after all?

It is so damn easy to stay in the dark, to stay away from growth, to keep change at a very far distance. So damn easy!

You just go on with your life and nothing changes, ... but be aware for the -disastrous - pitfall, cause nothing, I mean NOTHING, will ever change, and therefore your life will never be taken up to a higher level!

However if you have the guts to see things from a larger perspective and dare to give it the benefit of the doubt and try it out ... you will then see that the true magic always happens out of your comfort zone.


The trick is simple, once you got the hang of it, the only thing you need to do is open your mind, even if it is just a little to start with, and say:
"Ok, I'll give it a try and see what comes".

The Well has been created in such a way to help you in that process of discovery, as each quote will be explained in such a way that it can open your eyes!

Instead of reading a quote and saying: "How nice, what a lovely quote", rather take this opportunity to read it thoroughly, reflect on it and see for yourself what you could do differently as of now.

Because every single quote can bring you inspiration!
Every single line of words can bring you a new perspective!

Even if - at first sight - the quote doesn't seem to have anything to do with your current issues or concerns, trust me, every single word can bring inspiration and OPEN YOUR MIND.

You just need to listen carefully to your whispering inner thoughts, breaking out of their hidden space inside of you, and leading you to a whole new world to be discovered.

Now, grab your hook and come fishing in my abundant lagoon of wisdom!
The Well offers different possibilities for you:

Today's Inspiration

Clicking this section will show you the Inspiration of the day. As soon as a new inspiration is posted, the previous ends up in the constantly expanding Well, where all inspirations - ever posted - will be saved till eternity.

Open Your Mind

Clicking this section will give you instant access to the full Well and will show you an Inspiration, randomly selected from the complete Well.
Whatever your concern of issue that day, click on this section and reflect on the quote that pops up on your screen.

It is very likely that the inspiration you ll see will be exactly what you need at that specific moment in your life.

Get Unstuck

Clicking this section will give you instant access to a series of Inspirations which will make you realize that there are so much more solutions to your issue than you ever imagined before.

We all have stood in front of our own imaginary Wall of Obstacles, we believe there are no more solutions, we believe we are completely stuck, however when you take a step aside and look around the corner of that wall, a landscape of thousands of possibilities shows up.

This section will open up as soon as the online coaching programs will kick off.

Share your Inspiration

HELP ME expanding the Well of Inspiration!
YOU can share your own inspirations or experiences that struck you by a lightning, made you wiser or made you change your perspectives in life.
The bigger the number of persons sharing words of wisdom to others, the bigger the expansion of wisdom in our entire universe!
You can be a part of this miraculous butterfly effect by clicking on the SHARE section!

How AWESOME is that!

I hope from the bottom of my heart that you take the opportunity to Open Your Mind and find the inspiration you need to build that awesome life of yours.

It would be great if you would share your thoughts or feedback on inspirations that changed your mindset! YOU have a chance here to inspire the full MILAN network yourself! Take this opportunity!

Milady A


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