Grab your chair at our awesome MILAN table!

Milady A - Monday, September 14, 2015

There is a new network in town and it is getting larger every second as we speak!

This newborn network is called MILAN, which stands obviously for MILady A Network, the one & only circle of like-minded AWESOME people like YOU!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is big TIME to grab your chair and take a seat at our awesome MILAN table!

Those of you who already went through every single written word on my new website, will know the benefits by now and surely took their ticket to our table.
However, during the first month after launching Season 2, I will describe the big parts of my site in detail ... just to make it all easier on you!

Time to get things moving around here ...
(Moving the chairs is definitely also an option, cause that means you got your seat ... !)

Why would you grab your chair at the awesome MILAN table?

Your mailbox will brighten up and vibrate awesome energy each time Milady A's newsletter hits your inbox. Every Thursday, your computer should be treated with care and love, as this burst of energy might be quite tough to handle for your soon-to-be glaring inbox.

You get free access to Milady A's life-changing Well of Inspiration. (yes, yes, this free access might change once more wisdom gets added to the Well).

You crave to do some Public Relations for your beautiful self or your business? Here is your chance!

MILAN membership allows you to share your own inspirations via Milady A's Well of Inspiration and reveal your wisdom to plenty of other awesome Milan-followers.

You will get priority treatment on the first online coaching program, which will be introduced as of October 1.
Only early-bird MILAN-members will have the opportunity to get free coaching tips from the man himself, my Mr Big, also known as Luc Deflem.

Many, I do say MANY, more awesome things will be included in the MILAN membership later on.

We have big, BIG, plans for an awesome future and want YOU to reap the fruits of our growing Circle of Friends.

And trust me (and the Universe ;-) ... those who enroll to this unique Circle of Friends throughout September, i.e. the first month after launching Season 2, will get rewarded for that. Just have a little faith in us and our work!

Now, what role would you like to play in Milady A's short fairytale novel?

(Psst ... do tell your kids which role you're about to sign up for. Your life choices will impact the future lives of your kiddos remember)

Once Upon a Time ...

There was this rather skeptical person, YOU, who preferred to see which way the wind would blow before deciding to become a member of MILAN.

You mumbled: "Why on earth would this lady and her Mr Big have the potential to transform my life into something they keep on calling "awesome"? What the hell does "awesome" even mean? Life is a fucked-up struggle and that says it all!"

You rambled on and grumbled: "Besides, they talk about FREE advice in their first online coaching program?! Isn't that the weirdest thing? Top quality never comes for free! As for the rest, big plans, they say, phew ... all hopes for the future, nothing but pie in the sky! What you see is what you get!"

Life continued as it was and growing older, your youthful dreams - for a wonderful, happy life - turned slowly into dark nightmares leaving you short of breath and wondering whether you could have had a say in creating a better life for yourself. You pondered upon the possibility whether Milady A's inspirations truly could have had a positive impact on the creation of your awesome life.

Sadly enough, you never figured it out and ...

... lived wondering ever after !


Once Upon a Time ...

There was this AWESOME person, YOU, also known as , who always looks out for provoking inspirational stuff to get triggered, take the nuts and bolts that sound useful to yourself and get excited to test life and discover where these newly learned perspectives might lead you to.

In a flash you felt shackled by the unrecoverable thought of leaving Milady A's site before becoming a Best Friend Forever of MILAN, the one and only Circle of Friends, where awesome, open-minded people, just like YOURSELF are gathered.

Missing out on what might be the key to your big step in life was just a no-go!

Besides, reading that the first online coaching program would offer free advice from the man himself was the best sign ever. These people understood how life works! Oh gosh, this sounded all so damn exciting and you felt goose bumps all over.

You just craved to be a part of this network and filled up the next line immediately !
Phew ... now you felt relieved and ...

... lived happily ever after !

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(nearly) The END

I am sure you will take the right, and wise, decision!

And in case you are wondering ...

Where did my inspiration for MILAN come from?

An inspirational attack hit me as I was walking around in my new summer shirt (Italian-branded shirt, obviously!) with MILAN penciled on the front side.

Blood flood to my brains and made me so euphoric!

The perfect name for my network was covering my very own décolleté! By the way, the word ‘perfect' in previous sentence is obvious, right?

In case it really isn't, I advise you to keep on following my pictures on all social media and things will become crystal clear as you'll discover I am 92% addicted to Italian fashion brands! The other 8% are for the French labels; such as Dior or Louboutin, who also need their spot in my wardrobe, right?

It needs no further explaining that MILAN is therefore one of my favorite places on earth, my sweet shop in fashion, and that my network name therefore fits like a glove!

You see, inspiration is everywhere, you just need to open your eyes and really look around!

Now, I am sitting here on my golden chair, anxiously waiting to see your name coming in as a member of our growing network!

The view looks awesome from here!

With love and inspiration,

Milady A


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