How to dress snazzy like a Milady for a boat trip?

Milady A - Thursday, May 12, 2016

Staying at the Split Apple Retreat, it was obvious we wanted to see that “broken apple” with our own eyes!

Lee and Pen, wonderful hosts who make sure their guests have the best time ever when staying at their resort, suggested us a range of activities and the first one was a full day, private boat trip through the spectacular Abel Tasman National Park.
As the boat would come and pick us up at their private beach, we would be able to see the large rock right there, where it has been resting for years under the New Zealand sun.

What can a Milady wear to go on a boat tour?

Well, first of all, I checked the weather app and temperatures would remain around 20°. However, in New Zealand, the weather can show its 4 seasons in one day.

I selected my new pair of capri jeans, by the brand Liu-Jo, as this choice of trousers is perfect to step into the water from the shore.
A private boat for the two of us, together with the skipper of course, was going to pick us up at the beach in the morning. A smaller dinghy boat was needed to get us to the large boat and ladies, therefore my choice of a capri pants was a great one or I would have been totally wet as of the start. And I assure you, temperatures in New Zealand where fall was coming in, were a little too chilly to be in swimwear or to be totally wet from morning onwards.

The Elisabetta Franci collection has some great shirts this season - as you already figured out - but this one is totally Milady stuff!

Look at that stylish lady on the shirt, yet with a very young, sportive and snazzy flair. The golden bracelets around her arm and the long hair horsetail reflect totally my own style.

The outfit was also chosen for another purpose: our lady skipper had to berth the boat for several stops along the national park to discover all the beauty this place has to offer; we went for walks in the bushes of Abel Tasman, we had a stroll on a totally deserted beach and there was the perfect spot to perform our fashion shoot of the day, as we were all alone, with some birds and fish and butterflies.

I brought the light blue fringe wrap by Riani in case it would be chilly on the boat, but actually this scarf served as a wonderful accessory for the shoot!

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Fashion & Style - Milady A in Abel-Tasman - New-Zealand


4 tips to dress snazzy like a Milady on a boat trip!
  • When going outdoors, dress up in line with the sort of activity you are about to do and always check the weather forecast before you go.

  • A very good trick if you plan to be photographed on your trip and aspire to look fashionable on the pictures, is to align your outfit colors with those of your surroundings. Navigating on a boat clearly asks for blue and white shades in line with the sea, the sky and the clouds.

  • Instead of buying a simple jeans or a dull white T-shirt; select pieces for your wardrobe, which are unique and are embellished with the quintessential Milady touch, anything that makes your outfit stand out and at the same time, more feminine.

    For example, on my jeans there are shiny embroidered sequins at the bottom and my shirt shows a special print. These special effects clearly give every woman a fabulous and sporty-chic appearance.

  • Know your body!

    Capri pants are in general not the most fancy ones in the shop. Ladies with skinny, long legs can easily wear this type of pants, even combined with flats or sneakers, they still look fabulous!


    If your legs are - let’s call it - better shaped than those skinny supermodel-type-legs and yet, you prefer to look longer and slimmer, you should never wear capri pants again!
    When I wear this type of trousers, I always prefer to add a high heel or wedges, as this makes my legs look longer. Nonetheless on this boat trip, I had to put on my flat 181 sneakers, you remember the ones Lee called my rainbow shoes, as it would be quite impossible to jump in and out of a dinghy with high heels.

    Be that as it may, the combination of flat shoes and capri pants is something I would never wear unless I am on vacation; it makes me feel as if my legs double in size!

More tips to “Be or become a Milady” will follow and in the meantime …

Enjoy the fashionable lifestyle!

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