What does a Milady wear to go outdoors?!

Milady A - Thursday, April 28, 2016

Do you also adore outdoor life as I do?
Do you also crave to discover and see beautiful treasures all over our planet with your own eyes?
Do you also want to undertake that outdoor adventure in style?

If the answer is an absolute YES to all 3 questions, I sense you might be made of “Milady Material” as in most cases, ‘outdoor adventure’ and ‘great style’ are mostly NOT the perfect combination.
At least, that is what reality shows me every time again, wherever I travel to.

I must honestly say; this time I was a little shocked when arriving at the airport in New Zealand.

First of all, the airport was full of people walking around on naked feet!?
I can’t believe people are not aware of the millions of bacteria, having the time of their life on airports.
Hang on, my shock doesn’t stop there! Plenty of men, and even more ladies, were laying down on the airport floor, as if contaminating their feet was not enough, they went for the full body!

I like leisure wear, of course I do, and as much as I like to dress up like a fashionable Milady, there are still plenty of activities on which sportive wear is a must!

However, there are limits to what can be considered as sportive wear. Don’t you agree, ladies?

A sportive, yet classy, feminine style, does not mean walking around in way-too-tiny shorts or too-much-revealing tops or overstretched leggings showing body parts that are not supposed to be seen in open air.

Even when you think you have a plus size or even when there are some of your body parts you like less then others, there is ALWAYS a way to dress up like a true Milady, you just need to follow some simple rules.

And as I am on a vacation in New Zealand, where the “outdoor” way is the only way, there will be plenty of occasions where I have to dive into nature in a rather sportive outfit, however it will always be in my typical Milady-style.

Part one in my outdoor-wear series was shot on our hiking trip visiting the spectacular Franz Josef Glacier at the West Coast of New Zealand.

Allright … there is of course always the option to dress in the best-equipped hiking wear and gear there is, but let’s be honest ladies, that type of clothes is for mountaineers who will be on a quest for several days through cold weather, snow and carving wind on their face.
A hike up to Franz Josef Glacier is not this kind of walk.

Actually the best way to see the glacier is by helicopter, but we were in the sportive mood that day and wanted to walk as this allowed us to enjoy the surroundings way more and to do the fashion shoot, of course!

So, no typical hiking pants with detachable shorts and water-resistant jacket. Not for this kind of walk.
The road ahead is rather easy by the way. The Glacier cannot be climbed to the top, because of continuous danger of falling rocks, however hikers can move quite high allowing stunning scenery to be blown away.

I chose for an outfit that was anything but the appearance of what most hikers look like!

Elisabetta Franchi pants where the detail on my bump shows the real Milady style; the back pockets have actually two big bows making these trousers truly feminine and cute. I combined my trousers with a Marc Cain top, from its Sports Collection and - as wearing layers is a good thing for New Zealand weather - I added a warm velour sweater from Escada Sport, which is crafted from a super-soft modal cotton blend and giving it a silky and fabulous touch.

The sweater comes with a matching velour sweatpants, to complete a laidback look as the designer calls it, however here comes a rule I need to obey: as much as I love the full outfit, I just cannot wear that kind of trousers as I would look like a dinosaur in it. Those pants are not made for everyone, and as I don’t have totally skinny legs like a top model, I leave that kind of velour sweatpants where they belong, namely in the store!

The complete outfit was chosen to match 3 different shades of pink to make sure I could say hello to Franz Josef Glacier in a harmoniously colored appearance.

I cheered up this look with my latest Ray Ban sunglasses. I have been a huge fan of Ray Ban since I discovered they have the best collection of polarized sunglasses and as I am very sensitive to light, these are the perfect match for me: very stylish and very useful at the same time!

As we were walking around in the streets of Queenstown lately, these blue oval sunglasses caught my attention right away!

“The blue fits perfectly with your eyes,” my Mr Big said.

And then the shoes …
Well, hiking on trails in raw nature demands for hiking shoes, … and nothing else will do the trick. Let’s face it, it is quite trendy to wear those huge hiking boots in combination with a feminine outfit, don’t you think?

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  • Choose for uniqueness instead of swimming in the sea of sameness!

  • Hiking does not require boring colors that let you fade in between the fauna and flora! It is a sparkling color that does the trick, ladies!

  • Buy sportive clothes of a good brand as the shape, the cut and the fabrics DO make all the difference! Shape up your body, ladies, just by choosing the right clothes for your body type!

  • When buying new items for my wardrobe, I tend to keep them for special occasions at first; such as dinners with my love, meet & greet with friends, weekend trips, … but once the new collection arrives again, I mostly take my outfits of the previous collection and wear them for just any occasion, yes also hiking and outdoor activities. That’s what I call making full use of my money! ;-)

  • Don’t ever wear anything in which you already know you will not feel at ease. You should feel totally comfortable, then you will shine like a star and look so damn attractive for the outside world. Try it out and see how people will gaze at you!

  • Know your body and don’t wear something because it looks good on the rack or on a photoshopped picture in a beauty magazine. A Milady develops a style that matches her body shape, her personality and her character whatever fashion prescribes!

More tips to “Be or become a Milady” will follow and in the meantime …

Enjoy the fashionable lifestyle!

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