Showing Spring collection in a Fall scenery!

Milady A - Sunday, April 17, 2016

I have been a huge fan of the feminine, stylish Italian brand “Elisabetta Franchi” since a very long time and this season I have added some new beautiful items of her collection to my wardrobe.

As we were travelling through Japan where Spring kept us waiting unfortunately, we did not find the right spot for doing our next photo shoot … until we arrived on New Zealand grounds and arrived at our hotel in Queenstown.

We were about to stay 3 nights in Millbrook Resort and as of the moment we arrived, I joyfully shouted to Mr Big that this was THE place to do our next fashion shoot!

Millbrook Resort is very well known for its beautiful golf course. Set in a natural alpine amphitheatre against the backdrop of the Remarkables Mountain Range, this 27-hole golf course exploits the dramatic terrain fully, delivering world-class golf.

What else can a Milady do than dressing up when staying in such a remarkable golf resort?

I instantly knew I was going to get dressed in my chic raspberry red outfit for this second fashion shoot as this fashion look fitted perfectly with the uptown style of golfers.

The raspberry red A-line skirt can be untightened from the ecru top, which allows you to wear the skirt with something else.

The jacket, with its feminine curves at the back, gives the fancy outfit an even more classy flair; always great to arrive somewhere to make a smashing first impression. After a while, you take off the jacket and reveal the adorable, striking bow on the shoulders which give the outfit that extra lively touch.
And then … you turn around and show them a small line of naked skin on your back due to the special shape of the blouse.

That’s what I call making an entrance!

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Fashion & Style - Milady A in Queenstown - New-Zealand

When buying this outfit, I also bought the most adorable Elisabetta Franchi T-shirt showing the brand’s typical owl carrying a raspberry red handbag.
Can this shirt be more Milady-like?

I do have to admit though that I don’t intend to wear the T-shirt on the skirt as this shows a complete style-mismatch. In the shop I thought I’d wear it for more sportive activities, but actually I don’t.
It doesn’t feel good to match the stylish fabric of the skirt with the more relaxed look of a T-shirt, even if this T-shirt is way more fancy than what people mostly call a T-shirt. Nevertheless I prefer to wear the owl top combined with my pair of white jeans trousers as these styles do utterly match together.


  • Be thoughtful when matching chic with more relaxed fabrics, the wrong choice can ruin your outfit completely. Even when you wear the most fancy piece of clothing, it can make you look crappy, or ordinary, when combined with the wrong garments!

  • Try something different and don’t be afraid to go for something colorful! Ladies, summer is coming and dare to blow all your friends away!

  • Choosing color in your wardrobe can make you look much younger. Many women still tend to choose lots of black or grey, even in summer, which is fine for some occasions or some outfits but my wardrobe is filled with the brightest colors when summer is coming in.
    A colorful outfit will make YOU feel happier and your instant happiness will make others smile! How is that for a win-win!

  • Use the matching make-up colors for a superb finishing touch! I used a similar raspberry red color of nail polish to match my outfit and a lipstick of the Lancôme collection. Don’t you agree that Lancôme’s juicy shaker is totally cool? I certainly do! They even ‘taste’ like raspberries!

  • Enjoy the fashionable lifestyle!

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