Is Twin Soul Love an illusion or an enriching reality?

Milady A - Friday, October 02, 2015

Kristien De Winter, author of the books “Tweeling Ziel” (Twin Soul) and “Tijdloze Liefde” (Timeless Love) triggers her readers with this question, which goes much deeper than you might imagine at first sight.

For many people in our society, Twin Souls seem to be an aspect which might exist in fairytales or something which those – from their point of view – weird spiritual people talk about …

Well, my dear readers, nothing can be further from the truth!

I can assure you that Twin Soul Love exists because I am experiencing that deep connection myself, as of the moment I met my personal Mr Big and am therefore as blessed as Kristien is!

It remains a miracle, that is true, for many it will remain a dream forever, however once you first start to love yourself, once you find the source of pure love within yourself and feel worthy of being loved, you will attract that one & only special love with whom there is no conflict, there is no hassle, there is no pain or fear … everything is magic. Just magic.

Obviously I was very thrilled to discover her books about Twin Souls, as there is – as far as I am concerned – not much to find about this subject which is, at the same time, also intelligently comprehensible and easy to understand for people who just started to take small baby steps onto the spiritual path.

Kristien’s books are a must-read for anyone who believes in true love. Or desires true love.

The first book in the trilogy - yes, her 3rd book is getting shaped in her mind right now - “Twin Soul” offers a refreshing viewpoint on this ancient concept and is described within a wonderful story, a kind of novel, which makes this concept understandable for many.

Discover together with Claire, the main character in the book, what this kind of relationship has to offer emotionally, spiritually as well as sexually and allow yourself to be swept away by the mystical adventure, in which a medieval cook book seems to obtain a very special meaning.

In Ticino, a wonderful place in the Swiss Mountains, Claire meets the mysterious mountain guide, Joseph, who inaugurates her into the subject of the ancient concept of Twin Soul Love. Claire, on the other hand is, at first, not interested at all in another unidentified, unnamed or unknown concept. As many people, she was deeply disappointed by this thing called “love”.

There has been a huge pressure on relationships throughout the last few years; many people search for the ideal partner and the dating websites have never scored better than right now. Many men and women feel lonely.

What is the key, the essence, of this quest to find your Twin Soul?

Read her first book to discover the answer to all these questions and be touched in heart and soul.

Kristien’s second book in the trilogy, called “Timeless Love”, describes the sequel in Claire’s quest for this special kind of love and offers a captivating narrative of the unique and very special connection between Twin Souls.

Mystery, romance and the continuous unveiling process of this exciting Twin Soul force, leads the reader across special places in beautiful Switserland, mysterious France and magical England.

The lovers, Claire and Derek, leave together with their spiritual guide Joseph, to England for a truly miraculous journey. However, the mysterious disappearance of Milan, who is the manager of a Swiss hotel, antagonizes their plans. Joseph is forced to instantly return while the search for Milan reveals deeply hidden secrets.

I truly enjoyed reading Kristien’s two books and can’t wait for the third one to get published!

As these books only exist in Dutch right now, I hereby throw it into the Universe that my international readers will get so damn excited about understanding what Twin Soul Love is all about, that her books just have to get published in English and become a successful, known fact in the whole wide world!

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to meet his or her deepest love connection through history?

Visit her website in case your heart jumps as you can’t wait one second longer to order her books or if you wish to get in touch with her.

But first of all, go to her column and read more about this miraculous subject.

With love and inspiration,

Milady A


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