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Kristien De Winter - Friday, December 04, 2015

Hello to you all,

Last time I introduced you to my ‘Magnet Theory’.
It is all about the interesting dynamics of Energetic Anatomy.

I would like to clarify one important theme within the same topic.
Do you know the notion ‘grounding’ or ‘earthing’?
As we all know gravity on earth puts us firmly with our feet on the ground.
However, it seems obvious that a lot of people don’t feel connected to the earth anymore.
And what is even worse: people are not aware of it. They feel stressed, they become irritated, sometimes even aggressive, but they blame it on the pressure they experience during their work, due to their kids etc…
We are overwhelmed by information, by possibilities, by products… it feels as if our brain isn’t equipped to deal with so much. We lose our focus, sometimes feel depressed or burnt out…

Unfortunately, this is a process that tends to start very early in life. I was confronted with this statement while I invited doctors, psychologists and physiotherapists to listening-sessions of our CD ‘Meditations for children’ (only in Dutch: Kindermeditatie), in which I guide children from the age of 6 till 12 in their inner world allowing them to relax in a safe way.

In one story of our cd, I ask children to put some tension on certain parts of their body and then to let go of the tension. The doctors and physiotherapists told me it was such an excellent exercise for the children, because when they ask a child to relax their bodies before examining them, the children didn’t know anymore how to do this.

I received the same feedback from teachers of children of the primary schools.
I conducted a project in several primary schools to allow a moment of relaxation in their busy schedule. These moments were regarded as moment of luxury, by the teacher as well as by the kids. And it had a wonderful benefit: when they relaxed before a test, the result of the test was better for 75% of the kids: quite an impressive number.…

Isn’t it strange that while we are all overwhelmed by stress, giving us problems in different parts of our bodies: respiration, digestion, headaches…, that meditation is regarded as something for people who have their heads in the clouds? For people who are not really grounded?

Stress puts us in continuous fight or flight modus: we are never at ease, always in a position to react or run away. If we experience this long enough, we don’t even know anymore how to relax, we lose completely the connection with the solid ground beneath our feet. We fly like balloons in the air. The balloon is directed by circumstances. Inner peace becomes a very strange notion.

But, if we take a moment to direct our attention inward, to feel our body, observe the way of our respiration, allowing us to breath out more consciously, maybe yawning a little…
If we allow our selves to let go of tension, by simple visualization techniques like imagining taking a shower that washes off the tension like mud … and then feel how we can slowly relax our shoulders more, have more space in our chest area to breath, how we can sink more into the pelvis area and feel that there are channels of energy in our legs that are connected to the chakra’s in our feet, connecting us with the ground… and then slowly but surely, we can feel the energy flowing again throughout our body.
We regain the possibility to let go, to release… and to make other choices … Instead of worrying about the future or regretting about our past, we can ‘be’, truly in the here and now.

In universities worldwide there is so much evidence about the incredible benefits of meditation.
These benefits are not exclusive for monks, meditating for hours in the Himalayas. The benefits are here for all of us and for our children.
Meditation has such a positive impact on the functions of our brains, on our creativity, on our relationships in general and also on the feeling of satisfaction in our professional environment.

It allows us to reconnect with our body in a positive way and to feel connected with that beautiful blue planet, that we share. In short, a grounded meditation can make us feel so much happier.

If you are interested in the topic for yourself or your children or both, please go to www.kristiendewinter.be or www.kristalan.com: you will find there the CD’s “Kindermeditatie” and “Gronding”, only in Dutch for the moment. Guided meditations and stories with enchanting music.





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