The Power of Intention

Kristien De Winter - Saturday, January 02, 2016

There is no better moment to speak about the power of intention than right now, at the beginning of a new year.

A moment to reflect on the waves that have been rolling into your life, into the world…
and taking the time for yourself to wonder if the energies in your life, maybe even in your body, need to be redirected… to wonder if you feel inside the power to make new decisions, to walk a different path…

Being grateful for what has been… even though certain situations were certainly not easy… but if you want to redirect energies, you have to come into terms with what was… maybe forgiving others, maybe even better: forgiving yourself…

And then in a moment of quiet reflection, setting out for the next year what your heart desires… speaking aloud, so that while speaking you can feel what happens within your body… so you receive your own feedback about what is acceptable deep inside of you… about what makes your heart sing, what increases your energy, what brings your soul in deep connection with your personality…

There is a beautiful book about the power of intention, written by Lynne McTaggart: “The intention experiment - use your thoughts to change the world”. I can highly recommend it.
If you read about the scientific research that already has been done on this topic, you will never again say that this is stuff for New Age hippies… If I see what has been going on last year: the pain, the anger, the fear that has been a part of the lives of many… I think it is a necessity, not a luxury, to focus on what is loving, good and beautiful… on what brings us together…

If we all take a moment to set our intentions for this new year, on what makes us grow as loving humans,… waves of joy can roll over and in humanity, roll over and in the universe…

I wish for all us a loving, magical 2016, an abundant year of good things!!!!!!!!!



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