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Milady A - Thursday, June 23, 2016

In order to get things done, we need to FOCUS, right?

And that’s exactly what I am about to do during Summer!

Mr Big and I have decided to seclude ourselves from the outside world in order to focus on some very important matters to us.

I want to write another 50 000 words for my book and wish to have the first draft ready by Fall. Of course, the rewriting then only starts, and knowing that many writers delete thousands of words as they go through their previously written pieces, I am aware that the first draft will only be the foundation. Decoration, adornment, interior and exterior design of my book will still be on the agenda after Fall. A hell of a task if you ask me!

I am not writing a factual book, I am writing - amongst others - about emotions and feelings. My own experienced emotions as a matter of fact. In order to find the exact right words for every single emotion, I go into each memory and relive the moment completely. Some memories are hard, trust me on that, and in order to stay centered and be able to go into each retrospection, I feel there is only one way which will keep it manageable for myself: ‘Seclusion, total seclusion of the outer world.’ To ‘know’ that I have dinners or lunches coming up in our agenda, is enough to find a trigger to postpone my writing.

I just ‘cannot’ go into the memory if I know that a few hours later I will have to cheerfully be my jolly me.
Mr Big is writing his own book, which will – very likely –bring a shock to the business world as we know it. But more about that will come later. Being able to both work on our writing and thus understanding what writing actually means, is a wonderful gift we have as ‘a couple’. No better time than to do it now, together!

The sixth category on Milady-A.com, which is currently still visualized as ‘Still TOP Secret’ is in process … and will be further produced over the following months. I can assure you … the surprise will be striking!

In order to focus on these very important themes in our professional journey, we decided to stop blogging, stop photography, stop travel journeys, stop Michelin star evaluations, stop social media posts which are related to the brand, etc and I will gladly restart all of that, and more … after Summer!

My monthly columnist, Kristien De Winter, will as a result also have a kind of holiday. I want to thank her warmly for all the interesting columns she wrote so far in order to make our world a more conscious one.

For now, Mr Big and I want to wish you a splendid, relaxing, rejuvenating holiday and are looking forward to meeting again on Milady-A after Summer!

With love and inspiration,

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