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Milady A - Thursday, November 26, 2015

Besides fashion, art and history, Milan is also a city where foodies can get spoiled like kings and queens!

In today’s post, I will share our own tasteful experiences and advise you honestly about the restaurants we have tried out.

I hope you are getting acquainted with the Milady A Style?

This is important, for sure, when you’ll start making your own hotel and restaurant choices based on the advice I give here on my inspirational site.

I used to only share the very positive experiences we had, because I found it somewhat awkward to write a review on a hotel or restaurant where things did not turn out the way we expected them to be.

Well, I changed my mind and I am about to do it differently as of now!

When we go on a trip, I will describe all the places we tried out and give you an honest and transparent feedback!

You’ll quickly begin to figure out the standards I am using and you will know that “When Milady A tells you to book a hotel or restaurant, you can be damn sure the place will be of top quality!”

Since the beginning of Milady-A.com, my desire was to create an inspirational hub where YOU can come and fill your bucket lists with awesome places to go to in your life. Well, I surely cannot leave out the places you should not visit, right?


Dining in top restaurants in Milan

  1. Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia

  2. This amazing restaurant is a member of Relais & Chateaux, a quality label I LOVE, and is awarded with 2 Michelin stars.

    Aimo and Nadia, partners in life and work, are the creators of this fine restaurant and built the place to a famous spot for both its cuisine and setting. An artistic and architectural project has been created with Paolo Ferrari where the combination of culinary art, theatre and fine art are clearly visible.

    The food on our plates was both divine in taste and in creative presentation.

    A modern gallery-type of interior with a series of modern art paintings at the wall, gives this place a trendy look. The interior’s atmosphere is a bit ‘cold’ and therefore not totally my style, but hey, tastes may differ right?

    My -valuator Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia
    Overall Quality/Price:


  3. Ristorante Cracco

  4. I had HUGE expectations of this restaurant!!

    My Mr Big wanted to surprise me every evening with stunning dining places and he selected this restaurant because this restaurant has 2 Michelin stars and because it has also been listed in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

    Normal to have quite some expectations, right?

    Well, never have we been more disappointed than in this restaurant. Both of us.

    It started just fine … the welcoming was very friendly and the interior was trendy and stylish.

    We kicked off with a glass of Rosé Champagne and that was almost the best part of the full menu. As we had huge expectations about the restaurant, we decided to take the largest menu available.

    We, Belgians and Michelin-star restaurant lovers, are so fond of all those dishes with tiny treats, each time a different taste, each time a different presentation … however … this menu was anything but that!

    The canapés are always the sign for what comes next. And so it happened.

    We missed taste,
    we surely missed presentation,
    we definitely missed uniqueness and
    we unquestionably missed pleasure!

    Nothing was up to the standards of a Michelin star restaurant.

    Except for the service. Truly client-oriented staff, who even seemed to feel sorry each time I did not finish my plate or each time I affirmatively responded they could take my plate away, un-emptied.

    This has been literally the most expensive restaurant bill we ever had to pay in any restaurant we have ever been, and there was not even one single plate in the large menu which we will remember as worth the money.

    My -valuator Ristorante Cracco
    Overall Quality/Price:


  5. Ristorante VUN

  6. Restaurant VUN is the gastronomic restaurant of Park Hyatt Milan Hotel, and is also on the Michelin-star restaurant list with 1 Michelin star so far. I say ‘so far’ because as far as I am concerned, this spot can easily gain a second star on short term!

    The expectations were high for this restaurant as well, however after the disappointing experience the night before in Cracco, we wanted to ‘wait and see’. We even wondered whether the Michelin quality label in Italy would perhaps be different than what we, Belgians, are used to. But no, luckily this restaurant turned out to be a fantastic experience, and luckily I will still trust the Michelin label for my next choices.

    The interior is very stylish, offering an intimate, cosy atmosphere. Curtains, tablecloths and other accessories are truly refined and elegant, with special attention to every detail, as you would expect an Italian top restaurant to be.

    I felt completely at home at VUN!

    The staff was extremely friendly and full of humor in a sophisticated way. The personalities fit completely with the style of the restaurant.

    The food was more than delicious. In this restaurant everything excelled our expectations and yes, once again, the tone was set as of the arrival of the canapés, which looked divine, innovatively presented and tasted like heaven.

    A tremendously great start of a tremendously great evening.

    A nice thing to know is that VUN is the Milanese dialect for “One”. The name VUN has been chosen to express the close relationship with the city of Milan, but furthermore with the ambition to arouse feelings and emotions to excel in the competitive world of gastronomy in Milan.

    For us, VUN is a valuable gem in the world of Milanese gastronomy and a must-do when visiting the city.

    My -valuator Ristorante VUN
    Overall Quality/Price:


  7. Ristorante NOBU

  8. Sunday seems to be a day on which many top restaurants are closed in Milan. However, that Sunday, we still had a terrific place to test out in our Armani Hotel and thus had dinner at NOBU, the Japanese restaurant located in the Emporio Armani Store.

    The Armani touch is obviously also visible here! A sophisticated and elegant interior combining the Armani style with the traditional Japanese design.

    We took the traditional Nobu menu and truly enjoyed our Japanese treats, even so much that we decided to come back for lunch the day after as we wanted to try out the fancy sushi tray, full of inside out sushi rolls which are my favorite!

    The service was totally as it should be: friendly, client-oriented and with a sense of humor.

    Definitely a place I will try out in the rest of the world, as Nobu has many restaurants all over the globe.


    My -valuator Ristorante NOBU
    Overall Quality/Price:

With love and inspiration,

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