Milan – The Arrival

Milady A - Sunday, November 15, 2015

Last week, my Mr Big and I were celebrating our first wedding anniversary. Already one full year gone since our Fairytale Happening took my breath away.

Once again, the man of the house had been planning something big and took me on a 5-days trip to Milan.

Until the morning we left, I had no idea where we were heading for, he likes to surprise me, however I already suspected MILAN to be a potential destination.


Because I named my own network “MILAN” as it is short for MILady A Network, and naturally also because Milan offers everything I like: fashion, trends, culture, hip restaurants, chic hotels, design, fine weather in November, and so much more …

And so it happened.

The moment we stepped on the Italian grounds and grabbed our luggage from baggage claim, a sharply dressed Italian guy waited for us at the exit with a sign as big as his chest, showcasing the Hotel he was about to take us to: the Armani Hotel.

Dressed up in my latest Italian outfits, I felt completely at home and in heaven at the same time. A huge limousine took us to the hotel and there the magnificent short-vacation began …

Come back for more if you want to find out what we did, what we discovered, where we had lunches and dinners and where we enjoyed our deepest love ever.

Today, I begin with the arrival at the hotel …

Must GO

Fashion addicts. Italy addicts. Style addicts. Food addicts. Culture addicts. Design addicts. Atmosphere addicts. Brand addicts. Luxury addicts.

It is clearly THE city to visit when you’re addicted to something!

I am addicted to MY HUSBAND and ALL of the above.


Armani Hotel Milano

Heaven on earth if you love stylish Italian furniture, minimalism, classy design in a world of fashion, glamour and sophistication.

Everything – I mean everything! – is designed and labeled by Mr Armani himself.

Anything you look at, sit on, sleep in, drink from, dine with, … is A-branded which makes it a truly, tailor-made experience for me, myself and I … !

Website: http://www.armanihotels.com


Dining at Armani Hotel Milano!

The restaurant is situated at the rooftop floor of the hotel and offers a splendid view on the Duomo Cathedral and the beautiful rooftops and terraces of Milan.

The interior is truly as you would expect the Armani Ristorante to be: elegant, stylish, sleek design, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, mirrors everywhere you look (you better dress up the Italian way as you’ll see yourself wherever you stare!) and balanced shades of gold and black which gives everything a totally fashionable flair!

Breakfast – A wow experience.

The delicious buffet, presented in a classy way, offers all sorts of fine Italian and continental food.
The wonderful thing is that you can enjoy so many delights, as they come in small fingerfood bites; for example small cakes, tiny glasses filled with yoghurt and berries, mini tarts, etc … truly heaven to wake up at Armani Hotel!

Dinner – Another wow experience.

The menu offers an exquisite dining experience, based on the gastronomic traditions of Italy, beautifully presented on a variety of stylish Armani plates – what else!? - with an impeccable service.

There is one thing to watch out for, though, especially when you are a white truffle addict.

The truffle experience is divine, my husband said, as I find that stuff rather distasteful, however …
As your dish gets pimped with slices of truffle, being served at your table, I suggest you shout “stop” on time because before you know it, you have 5 to 10 grams of truffle on your plate.
No harm done, you might say, I love truffle … well, there is a little catch … in this restaurant truffle slices come at the price of 16 euro per gram (= per slice) which results in a restaurant bill with an additional 96 euro for 6 small slices of truffle. Of course, white truffle is exclusive and rare, and you can enjoy as much as you’d like or spend as much as you’d want, but it is my intention to write about my authentic experiences and feelings … and when I see that other restaurants - Michelin-star restaurants and Relais & Chateaux restaurants we visited later that week - only charge 7 euro per gram for what seems the same exceptionnel white truffel, I find it my duty to mention that the Armani Ristorante is quite expensive on the truffle experience, if you ask me.

Luckily I don’t like truffle!! ;-)

With love and inspiration,

Milady A

View our picture collage in ‘large’ by clicking one of the pictures!

Delicious pancakes as breakfast at Armani Hotel Milano. They tasted like CAKE!

Any choice of eggs can be ordered besides the huge buffet ...

A tower of tiny delights at the breakfast buffet.

Breads, croissants, viennoiserie, ...

Who can live without focaccia in Italy!?

Specialities from Italy, filled with ricotta cheese.

All sorts of pies, cakes, tarts, ... mini or big, whatever you'd like for breakfast!

Fresh fruits”.

Mini tartelettes”.

Stunning lounge at Armani Hotel Milano!

Stylish design at the Bar - as everywhere in the hotel!

Wanna sip a coctail at the bar at Armani Hotel Milano?

The colour of the menu is even aligned with the colour of the interior at Armani Ristorante! Wonderful!

Amazing dish at dinner at Armani Hotel Milano. Water still comes into my mouth when I think about it!

Dish might look a little weird on the picture but was DIVINE. Black risotto with orange peel.

This is Mr Big's divine White Truffle Experience.

White Truffle slices ... what a remarkable scent ... if you LIKE truffle!

Truly heavenly ravioli with pumpkin and a fingerlicking sauce!

White truffle - heaven for many foodies!

No dessert that evening, but this is what we received as a treat with the coffees.

A-labeled water bottles.

Armani Ristorante - the interior.

Armani Ristorante - the interior.

Armani Ristorante - the interior.

Armani Ristorante - the interior.

Armani Ristorante - the interior.

Huge entrance to the Armani Ristorante - all in the same glamourous design.

A picture in the elevator!

The door of our suite - Style comes without doorknobs! ;-)”.

Luckily there is an Nespresso machine in the room - for coffee addicts like us - but A-labeled sugars were a special eye-cather!

Bathroom at Armani Hotel Suite.

Everything is Armani-labeled ... really EVERYTHING! All wrapped in shiny, stylish black covers!

The Armani sofa with the Armani pillows.

Armani Hotel - look at the huge A ;-) - picture taken in a very special atmosphere.

The hotel from the outside with the shops offering ALL Armani brands under one roof!

One of the brands, Emporio Armani.

Feeling extremely happy arriving at Armani Hotel!

The entrance!

Looking forward to taking MUCH more pictures on our Milan-trip!


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