My first fashion shoot is a fact!

Milady A - Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Why fashion shoots?

I created this new section on my website in order to inspire women all over the world to FEEL FABULOUS and DRESS FOR SUCCESS!
I am 41 but feel as if I am still in my early thirties … and ‘what’ I wear has a crucial part in that!

Our mind can trick us for the good or the bad: “If you feel old, you will look old. If you feel young, you will look young!”

Making women feel great about themselves is what I want to achieve with this brand new category.
Women should feel at their best at all ages and look fabulous for whatever occasion in their lives. Even for those - including me - who are ‘a little bit older than the young chicks of 20 years old’, fashion should bring magic to our lives.
And what’s more: “Life starts at 40 … I can assure you that!”

Although I wanted to kick off this section with a fashion shoot showing you my newest favorite dress, one to wear for fancy dinners or drinks in a trendy bar, the weather on our holiday decided otherwise.

During our vacation in Japan, we planned a full day at Miyajima, which is a wonderful island near Hiroshima and since this was the first day where Spring was in the air, I decided to make this day the first fashion day.

What does Milady A wear
to go strolling around a lovely place
in early Spring?

I am a huge fan of Lio-Jo when it comes down to sportive and yet stylish clothes, the kind of clothes I want to wear for casual chic occasions or just in daily life.

I have been wearing the bottom-up jeans for years now and became addicted to the lovely T-shirts the brand offers in each collection. They are so easy to match with a pair of jeans or underneath a somewhat more fancy and chic jacket.
These are the kind of shirts that make me feel young and feminine as they are nothing like a normal T-shirt!
Off the record, I never ever wear normal T-shirts!
The brand also offers a series of super glam jeans jackets in its collection and I want them in all colors. Luckily each season brings new ones, always with embroidered jewels or other precious finishing touches like pearls or glitter.

The Liu-Jo collection Spring-Summer 2016 is designed for a young, dynamic and sparkling woman, as the brand mentions on their website and that’s exactly how YOU can look when wearing this fashionable brand!

To wander around on a lazy, sunny day I selected the white skinny jeans, embellished with shiny paillettes on the upper front leg combined with a white shirt from the ‘Charms’ collection – of course with glitter in its print – and to finish off the outfit, I added a military khaki green shirt to wear in the morning when temperature was still a little chilly or when evening fell and the sun went down again.
The shirt has a very sportive flair but makes it still very women-like because of its embroidered pearls.

Normally I always (as in ALWAYS) wear high heels … but let’s be honest, even the biggest high heels lover cannot walk around on these lovely shoes all day long to visit temples, jump on and off boats, walk for hours, … without ending up with blisters at the end of the day. Especially when temperatures started rising as they did that day.

I must admit I’ve always liked those sneakers with the big, white sole underneath ever since they became a fashion statement but I never liked them on my own feet!
Until I found a brand which makes these shoes look much more feminine!

The shoes I am wearing have a luxurious golden shade, a significantly rounder tip, and a feminine cut which makes this type of sneaker a wearable fashion item for my type of legs … because I was not born with skinny legs, not at all, although my lovely husband keeps on shouting I should ‘stop’ saying bad things about the beautiful legs of his wife!

La Botte Chantilly is a high quality Italian shoes brand and besides their huge collection of shoes, they also created a sub brand called 181 or Uno 8 Uno which stands for unique slip-ons with gorgeous prints and patterns such as canvas, glitter and sequins.

A brand for the fashionable and pragmatic woman!

And that’s what I decided to be that day: a fashionable and pragmatic woman and I wisely left my high heels in the suitcases in our hotel room.

Hope you like this first fashion shoot. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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