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Milady A - Wednesday, September 09, 2015

My Aces, Your Aces!

A few times in a lifetime, we get lucky.

Beautiful, wise, inspirational souls cross our path, disguised as angels of light, sent straight from the universe to help us, to transform us, to broaden our horizons.

Persons, who truly set my growth in motion and awakened me, made it to my scarce, highly esteemed list of what I call my Aces.

People who are a true gift from the Universe, a gift I cannot keep to myself.

People whose inspirations, wisdom, vision and ideas should be out there!

People who changed my life and hopefully can change yours too!

Changing your life too, for the better of course, is my ultimate intention and therefore I want to introduce you to wonderful persons who truly changed my own life and allow you to use their wisdom as your Wildcards in life!

Today I introduce Kristien De Winter, a wonderful, remarkable woman with very special talents, which you will discover in her writings, as she got herself a personal monthly column on Milady-A.com!

Instead of writing a biography on this awesome lady, who agreed to inspire you all with her tremendous wisdom, I prefer to give the floor to Kristien herself, who will shortly introduce who she is.

But … stay put, because every first Friday of the month, Kristien will write us a column with every time again a miraculous set of words which will inspire you to expand your consciousness and become more and more aware of what truly counts in life … Love, in every sense of the word!

Wishing you a sensational, spiritual journey!

Milady A


Milady A invited me to introduce myself to you.

For me, the easiest way to do this, is by writing about my greatest passion.
Along the way you will discover who I am.

I am passionate about ‘consciousness’!

Perhaps you think this is a strange combination ‘passion and consciousness’, but for me consciousness is all about our capacity to love.

As we become more aware of life in and around us, we can open up to this flow of love, which is inherent to life.

And this flow of love becomes obvious in the reunion with your twin soul.

I will be explaining this ‘Twin Soul’ notion later on in my monthly columns.

For now, let me just tell you that your twin soul is the other part of your soul. When you are together, you are truly ‘one’.

At first sight this seems like a very romantic picture, and it can be, but behind the picture is the motor of life and consciousness.

When you meet your twin soul, you truly come home!

At the same time you are invited to clear everything what inhibits you to live and love fully. More about that later …

I was so fortunate and still am, to have met and recognized my twin soul, to marry him and start a family together.
My twin soul, Alain Smits, is a composer, musician and vocal, guitar and mental coach.
Together we founded ‘Kristalan Productions’, a music and book publishing company.

We share our passion for consciousness and music, and combined these in our cd’s, which enhance relaxation and meditation.

I am an author and published three books at one of the biggest publishing companies in Belgium, WPG. The fourth book has been published by Kristalan.

My two last books are all about... Twin Souls, you guessed already.

Talking about ‘consciousness’, I train people in ‘Energetic Anatomy’, which opens up the process of becoming aware of the flow of energy in your body and building a frame of reference that guides you in understanding what goes on inside and around your body.

The knowledge about chakra’s and ethereal bodies is so old and still, it seems, for many of us, to be encoded in a language people no longer understand.

Life is so full of all sorts of challenges lately, which results in the fact that we forget to feel and see what is closest to ourselves: our own body, mind and spirit!

I truly believe that when we become more aware of these energy centers within us, we are able to address more of our potential and so our capacity to love.

This flow of energy within us is extremely beautiful and magical and I feel grateful to guide people in exploring this.

And while you have been reading, you certainly noticed a lot of common interests that Milady A and I share: a tremendous passion for Love and Life in all of its aspects.

Milady A is a beautiful woman with a wonderful mission.

I am honored to contribute to the message she sends out to the world.
It makes the world a better and more beautiful, loving place.



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