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Milady A - Wednesday, September 16, 2015
She He

I still lived in my loft at that moment of my life, … a loft, of course, isn’t it super cool and trendy to live in a loft as a single, which I was at the time I bought my loft.

A loft is such a trendy hotspot where you can live without the hassle of a garden where every week, the lawn mower holds sway or where the quenched hydrangeas must be shortened as soon as the winter sleep season makes its entrance.

There I was in my dressing, where numerous coat racks, dressed up with trousers and blouses, with dresses and jackets, silently stared at me with an ominous gaze and a silent yelling which sizzled that I really should take something out of those racks now!

I don’t need to mention that there was quite a lot to be found in my dressing … And I don’t need to mention either that my dressing kind of looks like an Italian boutique …

And still, I felt grasped by an overwhelming, anguished feeling, a feeling which is mostly recognizable under very emotional circumstances in this versatile life, however doesn’t really fit into the walls of my dressing.

And still, I was captured in a mist of total despair, because I did not have anything to wear! Anything at all!

You might see this as a funny thing, because of the everyday recognition of this event, but be sure, to me this was nothing else than drama!

The fall just arrived in our country, my top favorite season, and then I want nothing else than to navigate on the waves of the changing nature, where every landscape spruces itself up with a color palette of red, yellow and golden shades, which abruptly demolishes the monotonous green of summer’s nature and surrenders to the inevitable change of seasons.

This kind of transition is one I go through myself, every single season, and especially when the autumn season shows up.

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to see a beautiful, long boot on your legs, or to wrap yourself in a cashmere scarf with – why not? – trendy tassels … the stylish version of course. That is truly a wonderful feeling to me! The Fall Collection is every time again a true delight.

However! The problem that manifested itself, over there, in my large, oversized dressing, was much bigger than any soul could ever imagine. It was my task to find an outfit which would fit all the activities on the agenda for that day, as we left in the morning and weren’t supposed to come back until late at night.

My outfit therefore needed to be appropriate for a somewhat cool, crisp morning breeze, but had to be transformable into a beautiful outfit for an upcoming indian summer afternoon, as the weather forecast prepared us for 23° later that day.
Also taking into account that we had to run from one place to another that day to do all sorts of shopping, for example shopping in a DIY store where you don’t just come in with a sexy dress and high heels, at least if you want to get to the exit before the gaping eyes of the men and women, nearly killed you.

But then again, we also needed to go to the rest home, where my lovely mam lived, as she was still alive at that moment, and for that visit, that dress and high heels were a must! My beloved mam was suffering from the dreadful disease Alzheimer, and although she was in the final phase, she always looked at what her daughter was wearing and was so happy when she saw great style. It was my mother who introduced me into fine quality clothing and luxurious Italian brands … her favorite boutique she shopped at since her young years, also became my favorite boutique. Across two generations, how cool is that!

Mister Alzheimer never got the chance to dash her eye for style, as if that was the only thing where her lost mind was still accurate.

But there was more to be done that day. At 19h, we needed to be ready for our 2-hours dancing class, where my outfit had to fit easily and at the same time had to fit perfectly around my body – we are talking about latin dance after all – dressed up with feminine shoes, logically with sexy heels – latin dance remember!? – but where one more condition had to be met: the shoes’ soles smoothness needed to be spot on in order to do the quick turns on a polished dance floor!

Finding the shoes with the right soles for dancing was the biggest problem … because I clearly couldn’t just put on my favorite choice of my newly bought autumn outfits. One outfit screamed for long brown boots, another needed black or grey pumps and that’s exactly where the shoe pinched! One pair of shoes was too smooth for the polished dancing floor and another rubber-soled pair made a quick ball change totally impossible.

Every outfit showed another problem!

I stood there … for ages … fighting with the ever-growing aggression of the glaring coat racks … until my numb head’s thoughts ran wild and I got grumpier every second.

And there he was, that amazing, wonderful man of mine. He had been living with me in the loft for a few months at that time before we would move into our new house together, and came up to have a look and check whether everything was ok with me …

Was everything ok with me??

My eyes flashed fire and I ignited with the power of an erupting volcano and shouted: “Leave me alone, LEAVE me alone, you won’t understand this after all!!”

On that exact moment, I knew.

Or at least, I thought I knew what was about to happen!

I feared for our first fight and shivered at the thought that his volcanic eruption would turn out to be way bigger than mine.

Because let’s face it … what the hell do you do with such a lunatic woman who yells and shouts because she doesn’t seem to find any appropriate outfit in a dressing which could as well be sold for a real boutique.

His reaction was – for me – never seen. Totally unreal!

He proved it one more time … he was so much more than my ideal man!

He is my Mr Perfect to infinity and beyond and many many men can learn from this miraculous male version of perfection …

Click his picture on the right to read his view on this – to many of us – common thing, taken straight out of real life, and read what happened next …

Milady A

It had been remarkably silent upstairs for a while.

An hour must have passed by since my heart and soul went upstairs to her dressing to get dressed for a quite busy day. Anyhow, that as such didn’t bother me, I learned to live with that for a while …

When your wife looks like a million dollars, like mine, you cannot expect that she gets all dressed up, in only 12 minutes, which happens to be my personal timing to get ready in the morning, but then again … the only thing I need to do at the start of my brand new day, is to randomly select a few clothes, I am happy as long as they somehow seem to match all together!

So … since about an hour passed by, I decided to go and have a look whether the dress gods were favorable on us …

Suddenly I understood how it must look like when a tornado hits your darling house on the prairie.

You are desperate, nature’s power is undescribable, you can only surrender and hope that those other gods are favorable too, to such an extent even that you may live, that you may survive this day in your life!

I could write down plenty of stupid generalities, which you can read just about anywhere, about the triangular relationship women-clothes-dressing, however that would only lead us further away from the path of redemption.

My love stood there, totally on fire, ready to bomb just about anyone who would even dare to look at her.

I could feel that immense tension, which must be the kind of tension arising on the day of the Last Judgment, and felt the burning glare from the sinner, who is doomed to serve out his sentence till eternity.

“Who dares to bother me, who … ?”

Is this guy living on another planet that he dares to ask the one question that probably caused the end of so many nations: “Is everything ok, sweetheart?” And then … hell breaks loose … I won’t and can’t repeat the exact words … but it was … well, a difficult moment …

But right at that moment I feel a burst of intense love, an explosion of deep, pure love, rising up from my heart, for this beautiful woman … who struggles with an, obviously for her at that moment, unsolvable problem.

Softly I take her in my arms. Just letting her feel how much I love her. Nothing else. Nothing more.

Just letting her feel that I am there for her, not with a solution, however really being there for her.

This gesture, this expression of my love, was the undeniable turning point in the situation!

Suddenly all tension floated away … only love remained … of course there was still a choice of clothes to make … but … that kind of choice will always be part of our lives …

It was love that made her melt, it was love that vanished the tension like frost under the 1-July-summer-sun. She slipped into my arms and could liberate herself from all the tension causing that immense Gordian Knot inside of her.

I cannot tell anyone what to do, I cannot teach anyone how to love, because for ages I haven’t understood it myself, but obtaining the opportunity to embrace life - and my love - with both hands is a gift for which I am grateful every single day.

I thank the universe and my lovely wife every single day for the tremendous gift of pure love!

Your wife will undoubtedly be thankful too, much more than you can ever imagine, but then again, isn’t it so that our imagination will always remain limited because of the underdevelopment of our neanderthal brain?

Liever in het


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