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Milady A - Wednesday, October 21, 2015
She He

What the hell is wrong with humanity?

Always wanting what you don’t (yet) have.

Trying to steer life convulsively in such a way that you hope to achieve what your ratio assumes it needs.

Pulling and dragging to such an extent that the world wrings itself through small, winding curves to eventually reach its destination via a totally different trail which you haven’t even seen before.
The aquarelle of our life will eventually always be colored with a totally different set of shades than those you have foreseen on your painter’s easel.

Our river of life knows its way and curves its path in the earth just as it finds its passage at that very moment. You better just go with that flow if you prefer to stay away from chaos, stress or anxiety in your life.
People actually mostly hurt themselves.

Rest assured, it happens to me just as well. Just like last Saturday.

I was so fed up with everything.
I expect so much of life. I expect so much of people. I expect so much of myself.

And nothing worked out as planned!
At least, as planned in my own head.

Giving up on everything I was working on or dealing with, was the only firm thought that kept flashing in my mind.

I felt disappointment. Deep disappointment.
About situations.
I also felt restlessness. A lot of restlessness.
Restlessness which is in conflict with my inner trust, my inexplicable knowing that everything I define from the heart, always comes to me at the right time.

It has always been like that.

My problem that Saturday morning, however, was not about my indisputable trust with regards to my perspectives I throw into the Universe with a firm intention, but rather revealed itself in the three little words which were trying to remain unnoticed at the end of my sentence as if we wouldn’t pay attention to them while reading.

“The right time.”

That is the solution that brings relief to people’s stress and anxiety and other polluting emotional outbursts in moments where their biggest cravings in life are not instantly fed.

Life controls “time”. Life, and only life, decides on the right time that something or someone is planned to enter your life.

Life decides when something is ready and never ever will a human, even in his wildest fight, have the power to write this victory over time on his record.

Everything knows its exact hour.

People hold massive cravings and desires inside their desolate minds, expectations about their lives they instantly want to see fulfilled and not a single minute later.
When their expectations are not immediately answered, people feel deprived and become angry and frustrated and are easily taken by the stream of those complaining and nagging about ‘no can do’ or ‘out of my league’.
Life is only as hard for them, right?

As an outsider, everything seems a lot easier. You look at these kind of happenings from a rather non-personal distance and you see everything crystal clear.

When it involves someone else’s life, it is logical that not everything is handed on a silver plate.
“That is not what life is made of,” people say with deep conviction, “in life you need to fight and struggle and be patient and work a hell of a lot and pump a crazy amount of energy into whatever you want to achieve.”

Until things don’t run the way they would like them to run in their own life.

And that’s exactly how I felt last Saturday.

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Milady A

My sweet love,

This column is meant for you, although I am convinced that many others will definitely do something with it as well.

All there is to know about “wanting” or “needing” is clearly written in your own story and nothing about these concepts is new to you.

For years, you have been my inspiration on my path to enlightment.

And yet, that particular moment on Saturday morning, felt to me as an exceptional moment, a deep intensification of your “knowing”.
There surely is a huge difference in knowing and knowing, knowing with our brain versus knowing with our heart, you know this better than anyone else.
We all “know” what we should do, however that is not the point.
What we know does not define our life, but rather what we do with it.

If anyone is truly the example of tenacity, it is totally you. And if anyone knows how The Universe’s power works, it is once again: you.

Saturday morning, however, I experienced for the first time a total sync between your knowing with the mind and your knowing from the heart.

For an eternity, you have known that we should clearly visualise our future.
How on earth could your dreams ever become reality if you don’t know what you want?

You have acted upon this visualization process with all your power and conviction inside of you.

But then, afterwards, you need to let it go, no pushing, no pulling, no wrenching. Just take life as it comes along and enjoy whatever is making you feel good. All the rest you can leave aside. It offers nothing else than distress.

And yes, that is damn hard for someone who likes to have everything under control.

What a paradox! To achieve your goals, you truly must dare to dream big, know for 100% what you want, visualise what you want with a undeniable self-assuredness and explicitness … and then … then you have to let it go … !
“But … but … if I let go, I don’t fully believe in my dream anymore, right? And if I let go, my big goals will surely not reveal themselves, won’t they???”

A few years ago, I knew damn well what kind of life I wished I’d lived … and until I turned 50, I have done everything in my power to accomplish that. However, then my candle has gone out and I stopped fighting.

And then, 5 years later, you showed up. At first, I could not believe a new chance of life was upon me. I could not believe that life could make such a miraculous turn at the moment where I decided to let go of all my expectations. As of the moment I simply started to live on the flow of life.

My love, you will most likely write about that harsh difficult period, but today, I can only say that I have the exact kind of life I have always dreamed about. Thanks to you.

To be able to sail to new horizons, a ship must unleash its hawsers, leave the pier behind, sail out of the harbour and cruise into the wild ocean.
You must have the guts to leave all certainties, all securities and your full past behind while knowing that the ocean – life – will determine where it will take us and no longer ourselves.
After your deep disappointment that Saturday morning, you surrendered to this universal truth.
I saw it with my own eyes and felt it in my heart.

The only thing that is expected from us in life, is to know what we want, and then enjoy every single day and be thankful for all the wonderful things we already received.

Oh yes, just a brief aside for those of you whose candle has gone out, those of you who are fed up … right then, right at that exact moment, The Universe will send you a message.
The only thing you need to do, is to see it and to listen to it.

This too, however, is such a paradox because right at that moment we turn deaf and blind for all the beauty that is being sent to us.

I can only wish that you meet a truly tenacious man or woman who will help you to crawl out of your lethargic life, so that you can make your dreams come true … but who knows … you might as well be the one to take up this fulfilling task in life to open your beloved one’s eyes.
I wish you all the strength and perseverance you need.

The big question now surely burns on your lips: “Ok, but what is your point?”

Well, I am grateful … grateful for all the beauty that my life, together with you, offers me … the rest … well, the rest is a welcome extra and will come when the time is right … as you describe it so to the point.
Besides knowing what you want and letting that same expectation go afterwards, there is one more advice you keep on repeating to me: being grateful!
I am thankful for everything this amazing life offers us. I am thankful for you, without whom none of this would ever have happened. I am thankful for everything around us. I am thankful without boundaries!


Liever in het


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