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Milady A - Thursday, September 03, 2015
She He

Life matters described from a
FEMALE & MALE point of view

Throughout the first season of Milady-A.com, you have been able to get to know that amazing, miraculous man of mine, better known as my Mr Big, whom I married recently and who keeps on fascinating me every day with his wonderful ‘being’.

He is not only the perfect husband, he is at the same time a very wise, visionary man with a unique, innovative look at things in life.

As of the moment we first met, he has experienced an unrivalled, personal growth, a Self-Growth, because he dared to choose for true happiness, he dared to (take the big) jump and choose for radical change in his life!

This life experience transformed him into a different person and this experience is actually too good to keep away from humanity, as his story of change will inspire and help many individuals, who are searching to find out who they really are, who are searching to find their True Self.

Time to put Mr Big in the spotlight!

And although I would prefer to keep my wonderful gem of a man totally for myself, hey, what did you think, time has come to put him in the spotlight on this renewed, inspirational corner on the net.

In my writings, I will keep on calling him my Mr Big, however now that Mr Big will write himself and throw his opinions and inspirations on the internet, you’ll quickly get to know him as Luc Deflem.

First of all, he will take an important role on Miladay-A.com as one of my Aces, where he will have his own column, from which he will outline coaching programs online in order to inspire YOU on the Road to YOUR Awesome Life. More about that later on, when we highlight the section “Ace Yourself”, but for now … first something else …

Most likely you have always looked at your personal life events, whether they were heartwarming or rather painful, from one single point of view, your own.

The point of view of you as a woman, of you as a man.

What would happen if you could peek into the gray matter of the other sex?

And has it occurred to you before that you really could not figure out why your partner reacted in a particular emotional behavior?

Well, here comes your solace!

Right here, in this #Shehe corner, Mr Big and I will expand your personal viewpoint on life matters by describing several life themes or experiences from a male and female point of view.

Always authentic! Always straight from the heart!

Before we throw our first #SheHe point of view into the world, I would like you to get to know the man first.

Click Mr Big’s picture in this unique duo-blog to make his words visible and find out a little more about him.

This duo blog is not only unique as a concept, it’s also represented in a unique manner where we as a duo, stand opposite each other, just in the same way as we will describe our viewpoints to you.

To reach our Belgian readers in a more personal way, we will share our #SheHe inspirations in two languages. Choose for yourself whether you prefer the English or Dutch version.

It’s all about the duo thing on this page … so in case you desperately dream to understand your partner’s point of view, just decide to follow this inspirational series as a duo!

Milady A

It’s not About Me

Instead of giving you a full description of the different paths I walked on in life so far, it will be way more interesting for you to figure out what I can DO FOR YOU while you walk your path to create your most ambitious dreams.

Perhaps the words personal goals sound more rational, more feasible, but trust me, the possibilities that we all have inside of us are significantly bigger than what we would expect at first sight.

My stories will be ABOUT YOU. About the things YOU want to ACHIEVE. About YOUR goals, your issues, your victories, you challenges.

I’ll take up the role as your mentor and coach, in order to allow you to focus on your own success.

What stuff do I have in my backpack?

30 years of Top Management experience of which 13 years as CEO of a large, international player in the field of HR Services, peppered with extensive experience as a coach over the past 10 years.

It was not exactly my intention to end my job as a leader in order to become a full-time coach, it was actually the combination that appealed to me, I firmly believe in a leadership style where leadership is based on strong coaching skills.

But that is not the topic now. Although I certainly will come back on that!

It might be an interesting detail to know that the woman behind the brand Milady A happens to be my wife, however knowing that she is my source of inspiration and muse, will give you a much broader view on the type of dreams we can help you to achieve.

The fact that my body weight has dropped by 30 kilo’s over the past 3 years can fully be accredited to my wife. The fact that I passionately spend the full 100% of my time these days on building our own entrepreneurial business, can fully be accredited to my wife. The fact that I can shout these days that I am alive and kicking and truly happy, well, also this can totally be accredited to my one and only wife, who has been the driving force behind this (huge) change in my life.

The authentic experience, and mostly inspiring story, of my personal change and transformation is the one I want to share with YOU.

I will fully dedicate my writings and inspirations to help YOU fulfill your own dreams and ambitions.

Sounds too ambitious?

Ok, you can doubt … for one tiny, little second … and then … go find out for yourself!

We will lead you, without any doubt, to the path, where the desired change in your life will be staring at you, but naturally YOU will have to make the move.

Whether your goals in life are related to your health, your career or relationship, our personal, authentical experiences will be told to inspire you to make YOUR change in life fully successful!

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