The energetic law of attraction

Kristien De Winter - Friday, November 06, 2015

In my previous column I introduced the notion ‘magnet theory’.
You can read all about it in my book ‘Tweelingziel’, Dutch translation of ‘Twin Soul’. Since the book is not available in English just yet, I gladly give you some information about the topic.

The magnet theory is based on the old Indian knowledge about the energy centers in our bodies, called ‘the chakras’. These centers are not situated in our physical bodies, but in our etheric bodies. However, don’t get me wrong, they do interact with our physical bodies through the hormonal glands.
A flow of energy between these systems is essential for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Exploring the chakras, feeling the connection within the body, observing the impact on our emotions is truly a wonderful journey.

I teach ‘Energetic Anatomy’ already for many years and it never ceases to inspire me.

There are 7 main chakras: root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra.
In Hindu philosophy these centers are described as lotus flowers.
The more conscious you become, the more these centers will blossom.
Such a beautiful image!

The evolution we go through as a human being and even as a society is reflected in the focus on a certain chakra. If we are very materialistic, ‘money is what makes the world go round’, we have a strong focus on the root chakra. Don’t get me wrong: there is nothing bad about money, it all depends however on whether the other chakras are as strongly awakened as the root chakra.
When our heart chakra is in harmony with the root chakra, we can enjoy our money, make our dreams come true with the money or support others in the pursuit of their dreams for example.

As the focus on certain chakras reveals information about our way to engage with reality, it is also reflected in the type of persons we attract.

I will explain it with an example: A businessman focusing on making money who attracts a beautiful woman, entranced by luxury. They are captivated by one another and can have a real passionate relationship. Nothing wrong about that, the sexual fire will burn for some time to come, but as the Old Greek saying goes: ‘panta rhei’, everything is constantly changing!
We all go through changes one way or another, from the inside out or through the challenges of life.
If this couple can address the change jointly, there is no problem. If one partner, for example the woman, is asking for another kind of commitment from her partner than just providing her with the most exquisite jewelry, than a problem can occur.
This is, when the man doesn’t want to go the extra mile.

Other dynamics come in to play and this woman can start feeling lonely in her relationship and start to long for a deeper heart connection.

The attractions can play out on all levels of the chakras, it is truly very interesting to discover what we call ‘love’ is in fact not only a matter of the heart, but sometimes a result of different energetic dynamics.

In a Twin Soul couple, these energy centers are attracting each other on all levels.
All lights start twinkling, all flowers bloom ...
Finally, you both have the opportunity to really feel what ‘unity’ means.

You can experience this during a meditation, while you melt your chakras, or … during an ecstatic, sacred sexual interaction.

If you would like to explore the chakras in a guided meditation (in Dutch) or would love to listen to beautiful music attuned to the chakras, you will find it on our website www.kristalan.com. You can listen to a sample of each cd.




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