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Milady A - Thursday, November 12, 2015
Must GO

Paradise for travellers seeking authentic, go-anywhere adventures both outdoors and in supreme indoor comfort. The island has again retained its status as the #1 Island in Continental US and Canada in Travel & Leisure magazine’s World’s Best Awards.

Anyone who is looking for scenery, nature, wineries, whales, sport fishing, sailing, beaches, arts and so much more must visit Vancouver Island.

Must SEE

Cathedral Grove, a park with stunning trees, which trail winds through an ancient, old-growth forest.

The biggest trees in the Grove are 800 years old and measure 75 m in height and 9m in circumference. www.cathedralgrove.eu.


The Wickaninnisch Inn – a proud member of “Relais & Chateaux” – in Tofino.

An extraordinary place to stay as you stay right on the Chesterman Beach, showing you amazing ocean views when you wake up, and great dining experiences in the Wickaninnish at the Pointe, which is the restaurant of the hotel.

The Wickaninnisch Inn offers also a Spa, called the Ancient Cedars Spa, offering all sorts of treatments in a natural environment.


Dining at “The Wickaninnish at the Pointe” is a real treat.

Breakfast/brunch is served ‘à la carte”, offering mouthwatering plates, while enjoying a 240 degree view on the Pacific Ocean.

If you are in for a quick lunch, like we had (check our pictures), try out the “On the Rocks Lounge” in the hotel.

Dinner is offered on a seasonal à la carte menu, however for the best of the best, you should try Executive Chef Warren Barr’s weekly tasting menu. Desserts are divine and all housemade!

Must DO

Vancouver Island region is best experienced outdoors.

Visiting one of the parks or nature reserves is a must to see the protected, unspoiled wilderness on the island.

There is a bunch of things to do:
Bird watching, whale watching, salmon fishing, golfing, hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, surfing, swimming, picnicking … you see, for everyone, there is a match!
If weather would be bad, there is plenty of indoors to do as well: visiting museums and heritage sites, enjoy live theatre, browse art galleries, tour vineyards or pamper yourself in luxury spas.


Book your ferry in advance online!

There is always (even on moments when you don’t expect it) a waiting line. We had to wait for 3 hours before we could embark on the next ferry, and we arrived an hour in advance!

With love and inspiration,

Milady A

Taking the ferry to Vancouver Island.

On our way to Vancouver Island, on the ferry.

Amazing views at sea, on our way to Vancouver Island.

On the ferry, from another angle.

Beautiful isn't it?

The ferry from Vancouver to Vancouver Island.

Pure ZEN!

Amazing moments to walk on that beach in front of our hotel!

The beach is full of hidden treasures once the water disappears.

The Beach at low tide.

Just EVERYWHERE there are seashells!

Sea anemone opening up.

Just WOW isn't it?

Just LOVED taking pictures here!

As you can see ;-).

Enjoying air, breeze and sea! And my husband near my side! ;-).

My hubby.

Seagull joining us on our walk.

The view from our hotel!

Wickaninnish on the Beach: Our hotel.

A place where sea and forest meet.

Stunning place to be ... just a few steps out of our Hotel ... I wish we were still there!

The Wickaninnish Hotel - Relais & Chateau.

View from our back terrace in the hotel.

Trying out some shots!

Perfect spot for a perfect lunch at the terrace of the Wickaninnisch Hotel.

Bagel with salmon and omelet. Delicious!

Sea versus forest.

Splendid moments at sea.

Time for a rest ;-).

Look at this!

The same view from our terrace at nightfall.

The amazing moon.

A breathtaking moment on the beach.

The Wickaninnish Inn at night.

On our way to Tofino on Vancouver Island. Taking a stop to take this beautiful shot!

Views when driving up to Tofino.


Visiting Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island.

Cathedral Grove.

This is a very tiny part of the largest tree in the park.

Stunning trees!

The largest tree in the park is over 800 years old, 76 m tall and 9 m round. And does NOT fit on our picture ;-).

Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island.

A last 'Fare-whale' from Canada ...


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