What sparks the light in me?

Milady A - Monday, September 21, 2015

Third week since I launched the new Season on Milady-A.com and still there is so much to be told and discovered.

Today I will put the category “What sparks the light in me?” in the spotlight.

Maybe you had a look at it yet? Or maybe you didn’t …

Well hey, whatever you did or didn’t … now you are here and that’s all that matters!

Because now is the moment the inspirational content will be headed your way

Time has come to inspire YOU with all sorts of Unique Places, Mind Opening Books, Trendy Hot Spots, Breathtaking Music or any other Thing of Beauty that has showed up on my journey in life and which truly sparked the inspirational light in me.

Dig into my personal Well of Inspiration and take a sneak peek into - what I call - my fascinating, inspirational life … Read about people I met and who touched my heart or left me with a memory for a lifetime … get inspired by my passion for travelling around our beautiful world and discovering wonderful, unique places to stay and enjoy life on its highest form … get thrilled by life experiences that made my heart pump faster …

Anything that might inspire YOU to create that awesome life of yours, will be shared in this awesome place on Milady-A.com.

And there is something else that might help you while you are in the creation modus …

I have to confess, I really adore that tiny, wonderful angel, also known as Cupid, flying around while shooting off his arrows straight in the expecting hearts of many souls looking out for love.

I am sure Cupid hardly leaves my side, which makes my life so wonderful, as quite often I am hit by one of his arrows and fall instantly in love with something gigantic in nature’s beauty, with an extraordinary place on earth, with a picture I take, with the loveliest mouthwatering cupcake I’ve ever tasted, with the smile of a child sending out unconditional love …

Cupid bubbles my life with awesome moments to indulge life in all its senses, and those, truly special ones for me, will be labeled with my personal “Coup de Coeur” tag as of now.

So … you can enjoy this section by reading about all sorts of inspirational stuff, by looking at pictures (hey, did I tell you yet that photography is one of my passions too?) or by searching for the Coup de Coeur tagged inspirations and fill that bucket list of yours!

And to add some more fun to your life, why don’t you take it a step further; take a walk on the wild side and try out one or more of my suggestions yourself!

I would LOVE to hear about your personal experiences or feedback, so why don’t you share your reaction with our MILAN circle of friends via social media or by commenting on the specific blog post.

Much more fun and inspiration guaranteed!

One message might be the start of an inspirational vibe going around the whole wide world.

How awesome is that!

If you wouldn’t be part of our awesome circle of friends just yet, just fly over to the following page and make yourself a happy person today by subscribing to MILAN!

Watch out for my next posts, coming online as of next week, which will be the first of many awesome inspirations to come!

With love and inspiration,

Milady A


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