Who is The Lady behind The Brand?

This is Who I Am in a Snapshot!

This is Who I Am ...

... in a somewhat Longer Shot!

Life has pulled me down … and lifted me up!

I grew up in the countryside of Flanders in Belgium, you know, that very tiny country in the middle of Europe known for its amazing chocolate and French fries. My childhood was awesome, grew up in a family where ‘love and warmth’ have always been the main family values, but as we all know, life is not always rosy and it’s pink shades will be eclipsed with grey fog at a certain moment in time.

Throughout my past 41 years, I have experienced tremendous, truly awesome life experiences as well as terribly painful and tragic episodes that have changed me, obviously transformed me and activated my urge to move inside, to find my true self, and discover more about life’s wisdom.

"Life teaches us what our full potential is by throwing difficult challenges upon our journey"

Am I the weirdo?

Since I was a little girl, I have always advocated my own aha moments or my somewhat colorful ways of looking at things and very often I was seen as a weirdo, because I was not like them. Not at all.
I was different, seen from other people’s eyes, however seen from my point of view I was the one (and still am!) who dared to look at things from an unconventional perspective.

"Being different is a miraculous gift!"

Growing older and working my way up the career ladder in business life, I’ve learned - the hard way though - that seeing things differently compared to the crowd, noticing tremendous possibilities rather than obstacles or (mistaken) unfeasibility of a business or personal goal, is a miraculous gift from the universe, a forceful power to make change happen!

"If you are lucky enough to be different than everybody else, never change"

Writing my debut …

That unique power combined with my noble-minded drive to give others a helping hand by sharing my personal successes and failures on my journey, have evoked the desire to write my autobiographic story in order to inspire men and women to grasp every single opportunity to live life at its best.

I am writing my debut right now, as we speak, and I intend to have it ready by the end of 2016!
You can follow my writing story right here where both Mr Big and I are sharing the ups and downs of being (or living with) a writer.

"When you feel happy, you attract ‘more’ happiness"

Always in search for the extraordinary in life

We are living the awesome life because we always look for the extraordinary things in life … they make life so much more valuable. Happiness hides in small and big things and realizing that both are as important to give sparks to life is key. Of course my path is still peppered with difficult challenges, but isn’t that what life is all about!
Seeing the beauty in life and feeling awesome even though dark clouds might be crossing by from time to time, is key to an awesome life.

And I write about it, to inspire YOU, right here on my personal online corner on the world wide internet.

Be inspired to live YOUR awesome life too!


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